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  • Redmond Rock for Horses

Redmond Rock for Horses

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Essential trace minerals and electrolytes in a natural blend only nature could have made. Increases stamina, aids digestion, improves vitality and boosts energy.
Rock and Rock-on-a-Rope contain min 91%/max 96% salt, min 0.35% calcium, min 0.002% phosphorus, min 0.06% magnesium, min 0.03% potassium, min 0.07% sulfur, min 10 ppm copper and min 1 ppm zinc.
Directions: Feed free choice year-round. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water. When first introducing, encourage licking by pouring water or molasses on rock. Rock-on-a-Rope is ideal for barn, stall or fence post. Tie tight for easy licking, or give slack for a healthy alternative to candy balls and other boredom busters. Outdoors, tying Rock-on-a-Rope to a fence keeps rock out of dirt and mud, and tying it lower on a gate allows horse to maintain the posture horses naturally assume when foraging.
Rock Crushed loose mineral salt is Redmond Rock in easy-to-feed granular form; makes it easy to vary amount of salt and minerals horse receives based on diet and activity levels. Contains 91% salt, 0.35% calcium, 0.002% phosphorus, 0.06% magnesium, 0.03% potassium, 0.12% sulfur, 10 ppm iodine, 300 ppm iron, 3 ppm copper and 1 ppm zinc.
Directions: Normal recreation - 1 scoop daily; Performance horse - 2 scoops daily. Scoop enclosed. Resealable pouch.

Rock Crushed with Garlic is a completely natural granular mineral sea salt. Contains a complete balance of over 60 trace minerals, plus the pest-repelling power of garlic. Supports good gut health. Proven electrolyte replacement encourages hydration and supports active horses’ energy demands. Contains 0.35% calcium, 0.002% phosphorous, 90% salt, 0.06% magnesium, 0.03% potassium, 0.07% sulfur, 10 ppm iodine, 5 ppm manganese, 3 ppm copper and 1 ppm zinc.

Directions: For horses 300-600 lbs - 1/2 to 1 scoop; 600-1,200 lbs - 2 scoops; 1,300-2,000 lbs - 3 scoops. Scoop enclosed. Resealable pouch.
Redmond Rock plays an important role in providing essential trace minerals missing from many forages. Redmond Rock is a natural mineral sea salt harvested from deep within the earth in Southern Utah. Intensive farming practices have depleted most soils of these life-giving minerals, and crops grown on these soils with common N-P-K fertilizer are mineral deficient too.Horses thrive on Redmond Rock's minerals. Often, when first given the rock, mineral-deficient horses won't leave it alone! Redmond Rock's minerals can help bring a horse back into its natural mineral balance.
By including Redmond Rock as a free-choice mineral supplement in the pasture or stall, horses have access to the finest natural mineral source available, in the form that horses' natural intelligence teaches them to seek.
How does it work?
Equine health trouble often begins with mineral deficiencies and dehydration. Redmond Rock is a perfect hydration trigger and provides the minerals and elements a horse needs to stay healthy.
Why Redmond Rock?
1. Better Hydration: All horses need a trigger to drink. Redmond Rock encourages them to drink and prevent devastating dehydration issues.
2. Electrolyte Balance: This is especially important for working horses that are sweating in their efforts.
3. Essential Minerals: Without these minerals, horse may be unbalanced and struggle with habits such as eating dirt and cribbing.
4. All-Natural: A hydrated horse is a healthy horse. The important balance of natural salt, minerals and water is vital to a horse's health.
5. Lasts Longer: Redmond Rock lasts longer in the weather and will not crumble or dissolve in the rain or humidity like blocks tend to do. They may melt a little in extreme humidity.
6. Horses Love the Taste: The more the horse needs it, the more the horse licks it. And the more the horse drinks, the healthier the horse is!
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